1. Where to Go

Cape Town has such an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful places to choose from, and with so many options, deciding on the right location might be a bit daunting at times. A good photographer, with enough creative ability, should be able to create meaningful photos wherever they are, especially when photographing something as powerful as love. However, choosing a location that is not only beautiful, but also has some significance to you, can definitely elevate your entire experience and produce the absolute best photos. The best location is usually one that resonates most with who you are as a couple.

2. When to Shoot

The ideal time for almost any shoot is always Golden Hour (the last hour of light before sunset). Early morning light is also beautiful though. It's just best to avoid harsh sunlight whenever possible.

3. How to Dress

Always wear what you feel comfortable in. However, to ensure aesthetic harmony... Complimentary colours always work best. Keep in mind that what you wear can ideally compliment not only each other's, but also the location's colour palette.

4. What to do

Just have fun. There is absolutely no need to be nervous about being photographed, although most of us initially are and that's completely normal. All you need to do is to be yourselves. Throughout the shoot we'll offer guidance and together we'll capture your authentic love story.