In order to assist in determining which of our packages would suit your wedding requirements best, we have created this brief overview of how we generally cover a full wedding day.


As no two weddings are exactly the same, the chronological order of the points listed below might vary slightly, but for most weddings, this is how we distribute ourselves within a wedding schedule to ensure we cover absolutely everything on the day...

  • If possible we always check in with the bride first, before her final prep starts, in order to style and shoot the dress, shoes and accessories ahead of schedule.

  • We then head to the groom to capture the guys getting ready with all the laughter that often goes along with figuring out / remembering how ties and suspenders works again. Once dressed and looking dapper, it's time for some group shots of the guys just having a laugh together ahead of the ceremony.

  • Then it's back to the bride, to shoot her prep along with her bridesmaids during final touch ups. We make sure to capture all the beautiful laughter and happy tears that so often appear with seeing the bride in her dress. Usually we will then also shoot a few portraits of the bride and some group shots of the girls before heading down to the aisle.

  • We always head to the ceremony area a few minutes before the bride plans to depart from where they were getting ready. This ensures we have time to capture the suspense of the groom and guests all awaiting the bridal party's arrival. During the ceremony one of us always cover the proceedings while the other covers the guests.

  • After the ceremony it's time for the confetti, usually followed by lots of congratulatory hugs and kisses. The signing of wedding documents (if applicable) usually happens right before or after the confetti.

  • During the canapés, one of us cover the family and group photos while the other captures candid moments of the guests mingling.

  • Once the group shots are done, I head to the reception area to photograph the setup and table décor before any guests have been able to enter. During this time Anna continues to capture the canapés until it's time for the main couple shoot.

  • The best time for the main couple shoot is always during or as close to sunset as possible. This is by far the most beautiful and flattering light to shoot in. Setting aside 45-60 minutes for this is ideal.

  • After the couple shoot we head back into the reception area to capture the couple as they enter and shoot the proceedings as they follow. These include, although not always in the order below...

  • The reception, speeches, cake cutting and the first dance to open the dance floor.

  • Then it's time for the dance floor / party photos. During this time it's all about capturing moments of the couple and all their guests having fun. Once we have covered the dance floor photos sufficiently and hopefully even captured a few silly moments as well, we always confirm with the couple that everything has been covered before heading home.