Planning a wedding should ultimately be a lot of fun and an overall positive experience leading up to your big day, which is why having a wedding coordinator (if possible) is always a great idea. Your coordinator will ensure that everything is running smoothly and according to schedule on the day, which will allow you to actually experience your wedding instead of having to manage it yourself. They also coordinate the planning, layout and design, to achieve and ideally elevate your aesthetic vision of your wedding day.

This is obviously where we come in to capture your wedding day as beautifully as it was planned and as authentically as it happened. So, from our visual perspective as the photographers, there are a few little things, which are obviously outside of the coordinator's control on the day, but can make a substantial difference to how your memories are captured.

Below are just a few small tips, which are extremely easy to achieve, if discussed during the initial planning stages and implemented on the day....

"Obviously none of these tips are essential to us getting the shot.

We do have the know-how and experience to "shoot around" these if necessary, but keeping these in mind can definitely elevate the outcome."

  • Does your ceremony require a microphone stand? Ask your wedding officiant whether it will be possible to avoid using a stand. These are so often an unnecessary and obtrusive object, distracting from an otherwise perfectly curated scene. Simply holding the microphone or using a lapel mic is such an easy solution.

  • When exchanging vows, reading them from paper or a small notebook looks so much better than reading them off a phone. This could possibly also be mentioned to officiants regarding their own notes during the ceremony.

  • Especially during the confetti throwing, some guests can get a bit caught up with getting their own shot instead of taking part. An easy solution can be a quick announcement at the end of the ceremony to remind everyone to fill the sky with confetti instead of taking photos. We've got that covered.

  • The most efficient way to shoot the family and group photos, is to have a list of the various groups to be photographed. Also assigning a friend or family member, who is fairly familiar and can assist in gathering everyone required, can be a massive time saver. We usually shoot these quite soon after the ceremony, during canapés, to ensure everyone gets back to mingling as soon as possible.

  • The very best time for the main couple shoot is definitely the last hour of light during sunset. Often referred to as Golden Hour. This is the most beautiful, dramatic and flattering light to shoot in. Try to keep this in mind, relative to the time of year, when working on your schedule.

Other than that, the most important tip, is to just have fun and be present while celebrating with your friends and family. You can be certain that we will be capturing all your precious memories filled with love, laughter and happiness.